Solis Webinar in Asian-Pacific region: 24-hour Fully Intelligent Energy Management System


Time: 1:00 P.M. (GMT +8:00) May 28th


Monitor the load consumption for the whole day as long as the AC is available. “Meter In Grid” Configuration is required


During the day:
Meter is able to monitor the power flow at the grid connection point P1
Inverter has generation of P2
Both data will be uploaded to the monitoring system through the inverter datalogger.
Calculation is done by the monitoring system, load consumption power P3 is obtained.
Furthermore, load consumption energy is obtained.


At night:
With the 24hour consumption monitoring function enabled(AC relay keeps closed), part of the internal circuit of the inverter (HMI board) is energized with the monitoring function still in active. Data can still be uploaded to the monitoring system.


All day consumption monitoring is achieved.